Smart Board Grants for Teachers To Use In Their Classrooms

Teachers are not always provided with the most efficient teaching tools in their school environments. When a school lacks proper funding and supplies, teachers are unable to efficiently teach their students information in formats that allow for the greatest understanding among the greatest number of students. Smart board grants for teachers provide a means for teachers to attain a modern piece of teaching equipment that can immensely improve students’ learning experiences in the classroom.

What is a Smart Board Grant?

It is a grant that teachers can apply for, and, if chosen to receive the grant, teachers will receive a smart board ( or enough money to purchase one for their classroom. These grants are meant to recognize excellent teachers and help them improve their teaching programs by providing the newest teaching technology. Smart board grants for teachers provide the external funding necessary to keep the classroom environment up-to-date with the best educational technology on the market.

How does one go about applying for a Smart Board Grant?

In order to apply for a smart board grant, one must research online to see what types of funding is available. There are several websites and companies dedicated to helping schools locate such grants online: CitiGroup Foundation Grants, Adopt-A-Classroom, Hewlett-Packard Technology for Teaching and more. It is necessary to find a grant that matches the needs of the school, find out what the grant provider is asking, and begin working on an application or proposal.

Each grant will have an application that is necessary to fill out, along with several other supporting documents. It is also normal for grantees to request a written statement as to why one’s school/classroom would benefit from having a smart board and how it may be used to improve the learning environment. It is important to get support from peers and supervisors at school; they can help to create a plan of action and make sure that the goals are met.

Remember to finish and turn in the application by the stated deadline; grant deadlines are strictly kept and if an application arrives late, it will be turned down. Follow up to make sure that the application and all supporting documents were received. Then, sometimes the most difficult part, wait for a response. Most grants will say when one can expect to hear the results of the selection process. Hopefully, if the need was great and the application was well-written, the grant will be offered.

Why are Smart Boards beneficial for teachers?

A smart board is a great learning tool for the classroom environment that makes chalkboards seem ancient. These interactive whiteboards are easy to use and make learning fun. With touchscreen technology, teachers can press buttons, highlight, and drop/drag on the smart board relaying information back to the computer; it is the perfect combination of dry erase meets projector meets computer learning. Lessons can be saved and stored for the following year. Students can learn quickly and with ease through drawing demonstrations with the pen tool, videos, and smart board projects.

Every teacher and student should have the benefit of a smart board in their classroom. Make the classroom one where technology is integrated to encourage creativity and intellect. Smart board grants are out there to help improve the nature of our education today.