Grants for Teachers to Get iPads To Use In School

Apple continues to expand its influence throughout our daily lives. One of the newest ways to use Apple technology is in the classroom. Not only is Apple offering textbooks through iBooks, but they are also offering ways for teachers to use the iPad in their classes. There are iPad apps that can help students study and understand the subject matter easier. Both students and teachers can benefit from some of these apps as they can help with organization, as well as keeping notes and assigning homework. While many teachers could make good use of an iPad to teach their students, they may not be able to afford this kind of technology on a district or university budget. Fortunately, there are grants for teachers to get iPads and other tools for their classrooms.

For many teachers, the challenge lies in relating to the students so that they will understand and maybe even enjoy what they are learning. Using technology that they already use for other things to help them learn the subject can be a powerful way to reach them. The iPad ( is connectable to an HDTV meaning that teachers can share the web pages they find relevant, lesson plans, or other visual resources that students can use on their own while studying.

Grants that are geared toward teachers and their classrooms are available for a variety of purposes, but grants for teachers to get iPads are a little tougher to find. Grants that are so specific are often difficult to find, regardless of what the specific thing is. In addition to this, the iPad is relatively new technology, and people are just beginning to see it and use it as a tool for teaching. For this reason, not many people have even thought to create an organization that provides grants for teachers to get iPads. However, if the iPad is being used primarily for classroom purposes, as opposed to being a personal device, it would likely fall into the “classroom supplies” category, and teachers should be able to apply for classroom grants specifying the iPad as what the money will be used for. The important thing to keep in mind when submitting an application is to explain thoroughly how the iPad will be used in the classroom and how it will benefit the students.

Though grants are always the first choice to begin searching for money in the classroom because they do not need to be paid back, there are a few other options to consider when looking for grants for teachers to get iPads. Finding grants like this might be a challenge, but Apple is pitching in. Students, faculty, and parents of students, at both the grade school and college level, can get discounts on Apple products, apps, and books to use them for education. Educational institutions are at a special advantage here because they can buy the technology in greater quantities, and Apple, like many other companies, offers discounts on their products when someone is purchasing a large number of them.

There is no doubt that technology and education are a great combination. Students familiar with the technology being used tend to be more engaged with the subject they are learning about because they can interact with it in a more accessible way. For many teachers, getting their students engaged with the material is half the battle, so they appreciate any tools and technology they can find that help them accomplish this. Grants for teachers to get iPads may not exist in vast quantities yet, but if Apple technology continues to broaden its influence in the classroom, teachers can expect an easier search in the near future. In the meantime, teachers can look to classroom grants and a little help from Apple to start using this kind of technology with their students.