Grants for Foreign Language Teachers

Teaching a foreign language literally brings the world closer together. Teachers who have made it their official work to open their students up to another culture, language and society deserve to be honored. Many grants for foreign language teachers are available to these outstanding teachers to aid them in their professional endeavors.

Some available grants for foreign language teachers are:


Also known as FLAP, this is a grant offered by the United States Government to aid in establishing a strong presence of foreign language ( instruction to American children in elementary and secondary schools. The program is designed to link non-native English speakers with teaching positions in these grade levels. Applicants are to submit a letter of intent along with their application. Each letter and application is reviewed by the board members and winners are announced once a year.


There are two programs that are offered for the members of this institution. These two programs are:

Cemenahuac Educational Community Scholarship
Awardees are able to spend two weeks in Cuernavaca, Mexico to study Spanish. Housing and tuition are covered as well as one field trip. Since the program is rather short in length, teachers who already possess some Spanish language skills are given priority. This is a great way to brush up on the language and learn any new nuances that have developed in Spanish.

IMAC Spanish Language Programs Scholarship
This program consists of four weeks in Gaudalajara, Mexico to study Spanish language. The program takes place during the summer, so it fits in well with a teacher’s schedule. One does not need to have fluency in Spanish to qualify. However, applicants whom already have a strong command of Spanish are especially encouraged to apply. As can be imagined, this is a very competitive program. Applicants must write a personal statement, pass an interview and complete an application to be considered for a position. Applicants must also be able to commit one full academic year to completing this program. In most cases, an extension will be offered but not until the first year is completed.


Designed to support the instruction of foreign language in the classroom, this particular Fullbright scholarship is offered to non-English speaking recent college graduates or current teachers who wish to teach their language in America in exchange for studying English at an American university. While studying English, the Fullbright awardee will work as a teaching assistant. Therefore, a basic knowledge of English is required. However, an applicant will not be able to pursue an advanced degree while in the United States. Therefore, it is an ideal position for a young teacher starting out in the classroom and wishing to branch out into language instruction.

There are also mini grants available that attempt to draw people whom have a specific language capability or only desire a supplement to their current salaries. Some of these grants are:


Awards of up to $750 are available to support varying teaching projects. Three awards are granted each year. Applicants must write about the project, the intent of the project, the estimated budget and timeline. The award may not be used to cover a teacher’s salary during the project, to purchase text books, on travel expenses or on costs that are otherwise reimbursed by the teacher’s school district.


This program is designed to award a teacher who has over ten years’ experience teaching. The program specifically targets teachers who wish to enhance their teaching careers by learning a second language and then teaching that language. The award will not be over $1,000 and no exact amount is guaranteed. Applicants must turn in their project description, timeline, budget proposal, application and two letters of recommendation.